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Plywood panels with groove joint connection system installed directly on the wall or ceiling frame

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Natural material from selected trees that have been planted, grown and cut in a sustainable manner. Each panel has a unique wood grain pattern.


Thanks to the groove connection system, the installation of panels is simple, fast and minimizes dust production.


The 600 mm width of the panels makes it easy to instal them on a standard step frame.


The plywood veneer layers are fixed with waterproof glue to ensure the resistance to moisture of the panels.


For maintenance, simply clean first with a damp cloth and then with a dry one. Do not use any abrasive cleaning agents.

What our customers are saying

Merlyn Hermaküla

We wanted something else - like wood, for a change to painted and wallpapered walls. But the ordinary siding wasn't quite that. And this is how the plywood wall panel came into our so-called home office room and into the dark gray painted hallway. For me, this sort of wall gives warmth to the room and, for sure, it is a wonderful furnishing element. And it was probably easy to instal. I didn't instal it by myself, but my husband did :) and I didn't hear any complaining. The preparation was that kind of precision work but then with one click everything fell into place.

Aira Tammemäe

I used Breeze panels finished with wax on the side wall. They have never had to be cared for for five years, sometimes I just use a dry cloth to clean them. In interior design, it is such a timeless element that doesn’t annoy in the room and is sufficiently discreet. In the first years, I occasionally discovered new patterns that gradually came out on the panel. In the future, I can easily renew the wall, for example, I might choose a tinted oil or similar finish.

Kadri Rist

We chose Wild Tile panels, because we didn't want to use gypsum in our home anymore and the panels seemed the most reasonable option to this. At the end of the day, it is a natural material and installed on the home wall or ceiling it is better than any paint or wallpaper. In our opinion, the advantage of these panels is that they are of natural wood and are significantly more durable than gypsum wall. The installation itself was quick and easy, but it was fateful for us to have a frame that had been erected before we found the panels. Thus, this is why we had to use more material as the frame had a different layout. There are two different panels in our home (the Storm and the Wave), that have different finishes and we have to admit that they all fit together and create a whole.

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